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Bruce Cain·Sunday, January 7, 2018

I live in South East Michigan about 20 miles south of Detroit. About a week ago (12/28/2017) I got a knock on my door. Outside was a woman from DTE with a smart meter in her hands. “I’ve come to install your smart meter.” DTE provides both my gas and electricity.

I told her “no thanks” and explained that I have both health and privacy concerns with these meters that I have been refusing for about a year now. It appears they want to replace both my gas meter and my electrical meter. Now my wife has fibromyalgia which can be effected by the radiation from these smart meters. And the electrical smart meter is located just outside the house and just a few feet from the kitchen sink where my wife spends considerable time cooking. It is also directly below our bedroom where we obviously sleep each night.

“Oh but you don’t have to have a smart meter. You can get a new digital meter instead that does not emit radiation.”

Yeah I could do that and pay $10 additional each month to have someone come out and read it . . . after paying an initial $80 fee on top of that. And I’m wondering if that will be $20 each month since I have both a gas and electrical meter through DTE.

For the last year I have emailed my readings to DTE each month and I would be happy to send them an occasional picture of the meters, as attachments, if they don’t fully trust my ability to read the meters or report honestly. With a customer base of millions I always wondered why they didn’t simply set up a Active Server Page for customers to report their readings. It would save the costly step of having a DTE employee open thousands of emails and then transpose the readings into their database. I worked decades as a Systems Analyst and know very well that this would save millions of dollars for DTE.

But it is obvious that DTE is not interested in doing this as the want to nudge everyone into having a smart meter. And now that they have installed these meters on 90% of their customer base they are now coming after us “holdouts.” I have already read a few articles where they have actually cut off a customers gas/electricity in order to force compliance. And yes I am very concerned that DTE will force me into submission by eventually shutting off my gas and electricity.

For those that don’t understand the health and privacy concerns of smart meters please read through the following links:

Smart Meter Harm https://smartmeterharm.org/

The Smart Meter Education Network http://www.smartmetereducationnetwork.com/index.php

The Smart Meters are actually just the beginning. By 2020 they are going to roll out 5G technologies that have even more negative implications for your health and privacy. And all of this is being rolled out across the entire US. You can read about the dangers of 5G technology here:

5th Generation Wireless (5G): The Internet of all Things and the Control of all People BRUCE CAIN·WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2017 https://www.facebook.com/notes/bruce-cain/5th-generation-wireless-5g-the-internet-of-all-things-and-the-control-of-all-peo/2021993037826674/

In any case the people of most advanced nations are being “nudged” in many ways toward compliance. And more and more, when nudging doesn’t work there is also shoving. So in the case of Smart Meters the additional monthly $10 fee will be seen as a nudge. And once compliance gets around 90% the other 10% will be brought into compliance with a shove: they will eventually shut off your electricity.

The term “nudge” comes from a book by globalist Cass Sunstein who worked for the Office of Information and Regulatory affairs for another globalist: Barrack Obama (2009 – 2012). Globalists, such as Sunstein, really do believe that American Citizens are too stupid to make informed decisions as will be made clear from the following links:

Cass Sunstein From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cass_Sunstein

Nudge (book) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nudge_(book)

OBAMA’S FAVORITE FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SUNSTEIN WANTS TO BAN GUNS, FREE SPEECH JANUARY 15, 2010 https://www.infowars.com/obamas-favorite-for-supreme-court-justice-sunstein-wants-to-ban-guns-free-speech/

In my view both Obama and Sunstein — as well as many of our past presidents — have embraced globalism. And one of the best templates for understanding globalism is to study the UN’s Agenda21 and Agenda 2030. It is also interesting to see that both smart meters and smart grids (e.g., 5G Wireless Internet) are very much a part of the UN’s globalist agenda. So when your local utility forces you to accept a smart meter this is not just some local program being foisted upon you by you local utility. Those at the top of these utilities must understand that they are really putting in place is the infrastructure for a global government. Once in place the smart grid, smart meters and 5G technologies will be able to literally see what you are doing in the privacy of your home.

===== After considerable review, SkyVision Solutions has concluded that the implementation of a smart grid system (as currently envisioned) is supportive of the objectives of United Nations Agenda 21 and what is called “Sustainable Development.” Sustainable Development is sometimes referred to as “Sustainability” and may also be abbreviated as SD21. In fact, in the table shown below which was extracted from a United Nations document dated May 2012, specific references to smart metering and smart grids are mentioned as part of the course necessary to achieve a “culture of sustainability.”

Sustainable Development https://smartgridawareness.org/agenda-21-and-sustainability/ =====

The bottom line is smart meters provide no benefit to the consumer and actually impose a cost because the cost of transferring to smart meters requires considerable manpower and other costs. The consumer will be forced to absorb those costs as well as suffer both negative health effects and loss of privacy. But it does not end there. Analog meters are read once a month. Smart Meters take a reading every second. The most likely use of this “second by second reading” will be to impose higher energy costs at peak hours of the day. Without smart metering this is not possible.

So before leaving the subject of smart meters I want to implant this greater epiphany in your head. If you have a smart meter or are being hassled to accept a smart meter — what you are really seeing is the implementation of a globalist infrastructure that will soon be used to monitor and control you. It goes way beyond some silly program being implemented by your local utility. Smart Meters, Smart Grids and 5G technology are also being rolled out in the EU, in Canada and throughout the US.

So we have established that smart meters are to be the infrastructure of the coming Global Government as envisioned by the UN. So what are some of their other goals you might ask?

* They want to take away you gun rights.

* They have long held conventions against the legalization of Cannabis (e.g., Marijuana).

* They want to bring in hordes of Muslim Terrorists and low skilled workers through a program of “Open Borders” which is currently destroying the cultural identity of England, France the US, Sweden etc.

* They want to force you to accept vaccinations.

These are just a few things that come to mind. But what must also be made clear is that it is not just the UN that is behind globalization. Many of those in our government bureaucracies support globalism. Most of the Fortune 500 companies support globalism. Many NGO’s support globalism. I have often described this as an invisible pyramid where the power lies at the top and the commands are pushed down through this spider web of organizations whose influence is eventually felt in our local communities. And unless you have studied this it all does appear invisible to the average citizen. Even within the Anti Smart Meter Movement I doubt there are many that understand the global implication that these meters represent.

Concluding remarks:

The invisible war in which we find ourselves is being waged between Individualists and Collectivists. Both increasing hierarchy and technological advance both tend to push us further toward Collectivism. Globalism can be seen as the most evolved form of Collectivism and these are the people most offended by Trump’s election to POTUS. I may have my problems with Trump but I think our lucky stars that Hillary did not win as she is a major flexion among the globalists.

Individualism is dying on the vine and will require a New Enlightenment in order to survive. This, by the way, is why I have always advocated for home grows to supply the dispensaries across this once great nation. I’ve always thought it better to keep thriving economies at the local level. Read “Small is Beautiful” to better understand the concept of small cottage industry and how it makes things better for all of us.

What we are seeing in the last several years is what I would call “the end of choice” as well as an end to free speech.

* Get a vaccine or you loose your job.

* Stop smoking cigarettes or we will double your health insurance premiums . . . but we won’t do anything to make cigarettes safer by removing the toxic ingredients

* Eat more GMO foods which are banned in most of Europe because of negative health impacts.

* Get a smart meter or we turn off you gas/electricity

* Accept 5G technology — even though it has both health and privacy implications that are far from acceptable.

* Oh you smoke Cannabis? Well then no gun for you.

* Soon all you will be able to buy is a smart TV that can be used to spy on you in your bedroom or anywhere you have a TV.

* In many nations (the EU, Canada, the US) criticizing the Islamic Ideology is being criminalized in what are modern day blasphemy laws. In 2017 Canada imposed M-103 that does exactly that.

I predict that the activism, pushing back against this nudging toward “no choice – just comply” may well be a significant issue as the, hopefully peaceful, 2nd American rEvolution begins to build. It is coming. Everyone needs to get involved.

Otherwise prepare your children and grandchildren to become slaves in the building Global Technocratic State. Think of it as a new form of slavery. Don’t allow your kids to endure this bullshit. Just saying.

Rise Up!

Carpe Diem!

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