Last month, a Wyoming bank employee was routinely emailing some loan documents to a customer’s personal Gmail account. It sounds like a simple enough task, yet somehow the employee made an enormous error.

Not only did he erroneously attach a file to the email that included the names, addresses, tax IDs, and loan information for 1,325 customers, but he sent it to the wrong Gmail address!

We’ve all been there… victims of our own fat-finger negligence– good intentions gone horribly wrong because our technology moves so quickly.

And so, with pulse pounding and panic setting in, the bank employee immediately sent a follow-up email to the mistaken address, pleading with the account owner to delete the sensitive data and contact him as soon as possible. And then he waited…

After several days had passed without response, the bank contacted Google for help. They wanted information about the unintended email recipient–…

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