Taking Sides

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This article is being re-published here with permission from the author.  It is the first of two articles originally published at OpEdNews.com, 4/16/2011.  The second article is here.

You can find Dr. Bramhall’s blog here: The Most Revolutionary Act / (About the Author)

Does the CIA Fund Both the Right and the Left?

By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall 

 How Left Gatekeeping Foundations Suppress Dissent – Part I

 (This is the first of two articles related to left gatekeeping foundations. It relates mainly to their links to so-called alternative media. The second will focus on Cointelpro-type “counterinsurgency” roles played by left gatekeeping foundations, both overseas and within the US.)

Since the October 2008 economic collapse, American workers have faced an unprecedented “austerity cuts,” with major hits on their livelihoods and labor and pension rights. Yet Americans, unlike the rest of the world, don’t…

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