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We live in the only country in the world where a child can be sentenced to be in prison until they die. What’s worse is that it’s not even rare – more than 2,500 people who were sentenced as kids will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

While six states have moved to ban the practice, this barbaric punishment is still perfectly legal in 44 states.

But the Department of Justice has the power to close some of these loopholes and set the standard on the federal level. By providing policy guidelines for U.S. attorneys, the DOJ can ensure that judges are empowered to use discretion and give appropriate sentences based on unique circumstances.

If he hears from thousands of us who support criminal justice reform, he can provide the tools needed to limit juvenile life without parole sentences. Take action now: https://www.aclu.org/juvenilelifewithoutparole?ms=oth_acluaction_140324_jlwop_taf