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(TN) Human Rights and Cannabis Activist “The King Pin” Thorne Peters Continues to Fight Shelby County Charges After Latest Arrest


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Actus Reus Non Facit Reum Nisi Mens Sit Rea

For the act to be guilty, the mind must be guilty, for the mind to be guilty, the act must be criminal.

April 12, 2018


On April 3rd, Mr. Thorne Peters was “live” in front of the Shelby County Justice Center, awaiting his latest arrest for selling small amounts of  Cannabis in baggies – prior to his sentencing for the case which he lost to a Jury of his “peers” on March 1, 2018, in Shelby County Tennessee under Judge J. Robert Carter Jr.

Because of the nature of evil from within the System you have to realize at some point that we cannot allow them to continue legislating us to death.  Legislation promotes the prison industrial complex and every day another innocent person is sent into inhumane conditions to suffer for “imaginary” crimes, if you will.

Every time another piece of Legislation is enacted we all lose another piece of our Freedom!  This holds true particularly in the fight against prohibition of Cannabis/Hemp (yes, they are = ONE plant), because every time a piece of “medical” legislation is passed it regulates us out of our freedom.  The easiest example of this is legislation that would prohibit personal growing.  I have written about this subject before, as it all ties in with Agenda 21 and the fight for the control of all of our food and medicine. 

Cannabis is FOOD first.  It is an unalienable right from birth.  We cannot allow what we were given at birth to be stolen from us, literally one plant at a time.  Anyone who has ever been involved in any research about Cannabis knows the conspiracies or reasons behind it’s illegality.   The fight for our freedom must be a repeal of the prohibiting laws both on the Federal Statutes and U.N. Treaty levels.  That strategy alongside #NO MENS REA by defendants in possession of Cannabis cases of all kinds can change the Justice System as we know it today.  The bottom line is that Cannabis has to be freed for ALL not just SOME for A FEW REASONS!  If we do not push for change now and continue to allow the “legislating” of Cannabis it will not end with Cannabis – this I can promise you.  If you live long enough you will see regulation on the possession and use of fruits and vegetables and weeds, (just like “Hemp” has to be <.3 THC) !  It was started a long time ago and has progressed into what we see today.  And the regulation and control of Cannabis as a Schedule II Controlled Substance will be the launch of the Corporate Pharma driven market that we will be left with and you can forget about growing your own plants!

Cannabis has to be removed from control first and released back to the people in it’s full form.  At that point, if Corporate Cannabis can market a good product for sale at a reasonable cost and contribute to tax revenue system, I would be glad to try it…at the same time I am growing my own plants, for my own purposes, in my own backyard, or sunroom!

The injustice that Thorne Peters is subjecting himself to, to make a very real effort to inform the people at large about their Human Rights is to be noted and appreciated.  I think that more people should take the time to fully listen to what he is saying and not take offense to his expressiveness.  I also find it appalling that there has been no notable media coverage to speak of on his case.  I will ask you to share the information as far as you can and encourage other media outlets to cover this story.

THE SPECTER OF THE GUN was used to take THE TRIAL OF THE MILLENNIUM next level by labeling me a CRIMINAL who committed no crime and a VIOLENT OFFENDER who committed no act of violence according to the evidence and testimony. NO MENS REA is now “A FORTIORI”. As I will have some years to spend in prison, pending a multitude of appeals, I will find fellow prisoners who also have no name of a victim on their affidavit and unleash them upon the system. “

On the 10th of April Thorne Peters was arraigned for charges incurred on the Courthouse steps on the 3rd of April – which was supposed to be his sentencing day for the  Guilty verdict on March 1st.  That date was moved forward to the 12th of April.

Linda Harrah, known as “Lady L”, his partner, has indicated to me that the conditions inside of this facility are inhumane – a problem all unto itself.  He is being held in the “drunk tank” where  it is very loud all the time,  with trouble frequently breaking out and little or no supervision .  He is on “lockdown” 23 hours per day leaving only one hour for personal hygiene, phone calls or whatever else he may need to take care of such as commissary – I suppose if there is a long line that day you are just sh*t  out  of luck! 

“Lady L”  was in court for sentencing today.

He was sentenced to 36 months 100% time and 1 yr 30% time … so 39 months. He has hurt no one and only committed acts of civil disobedience.  He has committed no crime against anyone’s “person, property nor puppy”…

On April 24th he will be arraigned  for the two new pot charges from April 3rd.  On May 30th he will be back before Judge J Robert Carter Jr. for appeal.

“He was magnificent on the stand today testifying to all the history of the past that he represents. Can’t wait to hear or read the transcripts.” – “Lady L”


Lady L” has been by Thorne’s side since the beginning and is  striving to keep the information flowing about this very important #NOMENSREA Case,.  She is on Facebook everyday giving updates thru video.  It is very interesting to watch.  Though it is heartbreaking to see someone so  dedicated to Activism be treated so unjustly and inhumanely by our Justice System, i.e., Shelby County, Tennessee, in particular.

as THE KINGPIN takes The Ministerz of Injustice to task
for the ongoing CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY against him that
officially began November 11, 2008


Call Governor  Bill Haslam (615) 741- 2001 ask for Constituent Services or Policy. Tell them you want to have the Thorne Peters conspiracy investigated # NOMENSREA…

Below listed are links to Facebook Video’s from “Lady L” which give updates for each day since Thorne’s arrest.

Thurs:  April 12th – Day 10   Additional Video

Weds:  April 11th – Day 9

Tues:  April 10th – Day 8

Mon:  April 9th – Day 7

Sun:  April 8th – Day 6

Sat:  April 7th – Day 5

Fri:  April 6th – Day 4

Thurs:  April 5th – Day 3

Weds:  April 4th – Day 2

Tues:  April 3rd – Day 1

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Those of you facing PROHIBITION charges, who are not a target of your local Ministerz of Injustice, who have no guns to be tainted with, will follow the law to proceed PRO SE with the lawful offensive of NO MENS REA and the HUMAN RIGHTS declaration of “I AM THE LAW” in the name of THE KINGPIN Thorne Peters! Any other position is unlawful; a crime against humanity . . .


FOUND GUILTY, BY JURY, of “possession of pot – that I was not in possession of…” Thorne Peters

Thorne Peters LIVE from Shelby County Justice Center in Memphis Tn …






This is the highlight video of Thorne Peters , THE KINGPIN, selling POT on the front steps of the Memphis TN, Shelby County Courthouse on 4-3-2018.


DANX for sharing with “THE FREEDOMfund” … I will be sentenced to 12 years in prison on April 3, 2018, with a projected release date of 10/2021, so I need your support to keep my home fires burning; I need to make phone calls to continue being heard LIVE daily on the phone to share the message of FREEDOM with those being oppressed; I need to take care of Lady L, so she is not in the dark in da hood and maybe some of our puppiez . . . I’d love to see them again in life. So, jump in and make a difference in my life as I go down fighting for our FREEDOM from PROHIBITION, even from behind the prison walls. “I AM THE LAW!” #NOMENSREA .



Shelby County Criminal Justice Center

Thorne Peters
201 Poplar
Section LL Block A
Housing 14 Bed L
Memphis Tn 38103

Tennessee locks ailing, mentally ill, pregnant and juvenile prisoners in isolation to help jails save money.




J. Robert “Bobby” Carter – Ballotpedia

How the U.N. is stealing our “UNALIENABLE RIGHTS” to grow food and Medicine through U.N. Convention on Narcotic Drugs




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Image result for horse cave kentucky police department

on 03/22/2018 |

The Horse Cave Police Department has been in the headlines recently and few details have been released regarding the active FBI investigation into the department.  Initially with pay, later changed to unpaid, Horse Cave Police Chief Sean Henry and Officer Chris Trulock have been placed on administrative leave from the department.

This week, in Hart County District Court, Sean Henry took the stand to testify in a preliminary hearing in a case involving an arrest made by the Horse Cave Police Department.  Glasgow attorney Johnny Bell was representing a client who was facing felony drug charges and the hearing was to determine whether there was probably cause to move forward and bump the case up to Circuit Court.

Limited to only one question, which is not common practice, but certainly within the rights of the court, Bell turned to Henry and asked, “Did you plant drugs on my client?”.  Henry then pled the 5th Amendment.

Pleading the 5th is not an admission of guilt, however protects an individual from being compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.  Henry told the court that his attorney had instructed him to plead the 5th.

At least for the past four years, Bell has represented clients who, not only questioned the integrity of the department, but accused them of planting evidence.  While there has been no public statement from the HCPD, the City of Horse Cave, the KSP or FBI confirming those in the department had been planting evidence, these claims have continued to circulate for the past several years and have grown in number as recently more people are speaking up.

This case was ultimately dismissed.  Two other cases involving arrests made by the Horse Cave Police Department were also dismissed on the same day.  It is unclear, at this time, how many cases involving the HCPD could be impacted by recent events or what the final FBI investigation will reveal about the department.


“…I don’t know what the law is anymore.”


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This was a difficult day for Tennant’s patients — as many see their lives dependent on his continued care and treatment.  “I believe many of Dr. Tennant’s patients will die because they will never find another doctor to treat their painful condition,” says Gary Snook, a Tennant patient who lives with adhesive arachnoiditis, a painful and incurable inflammation in his spinal nerves. 

 DR. FOREST TENNANT&nbsp; (courtesy montana public radio)

Dr. Forest Tennant Retiring Due to DEA Scrutiny

March 26, 2018

By Pat Anson, Editor

A prominent California pain physician and a longtime champion of the pain community has announced his retirement. Dr. Forest Tennant, and his wife and office manager, Miriam, have informed patients that they are closing their pain clinic in the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina, effective April 1.

“On strong legal and medical advice, as I am 77 and Miriam 76, we are closing the Veract Intractable Pain Medical Clinic and taking retirement. I will write no additional opioid prescriptions after this date,” Tennant wrote in a letter to patients. “We very much regret this situation as the clinic is filled with patients we consider beloved family and friends.”

Tennant’s retirement is largely due to an ongoing DEA investigation of his opioid prescribing practices.   DEA agents raided the Tennants’ home and clinic last November, while Tennant was testifying in Montana as a defense witness in the trial of doctor accused of negligent homicide in the overdose of two patients. The Tennants arrived home to find the front door of their home had been kicked in by DEA agents.

A DEA search warrant alleged that Tennant was part of a “drug trafficking organization” and had personally profited from the sale of high dose opioid prescriptions. Tennant has denied any wrongdoing and no charges have been filed against him, but the investigation remains open and the resulting stress and uncertainty have taken their toll.

“It’s hard to continue operating when they never closed my case, and so I’m going to retire and move on,” Tennant told PNN. “That’s on the advice of both my lawyers and my doctors.”

Tennant is a revered figure in the pain community because of his willingness to treat patients with intractable pain who were unable to find effective treatment elsewhere or were abandoned by their doctors. Many travel to California from out-of-state, and some are in palliative care and near death.

Tennant and his colleague, Dr. Scott Guess, treat about 150 intractable pain patients with a complex formula of high dose opioid prescriptions, hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications. 

Tennant says the DEA effectively forced him into retirement by refusing to drop the case.  

“You can’t do the kind of work I do and operate in legal uncertainty,” Tennant said. “You’ve got to have legal backing to treat these individuals. And I don’t know what the law is anymore.”

‘Many Patients Will Die’

This was a difficult day for Tennant’s patients — as many see their lives dependent on his continued care and treatment.

“I believe many of Dr. Tennant’s patients will die because they will never find another doctor to treat their painful condition,” says Gary Snook, a Tennant patient who lives with adhesive arachnoiditis, a painful and incurable inflammation in his spinal nerves. “I haven’t decided if I will even look for another doctor, nobody will take a patient like me. And to be honest with you, I am tired of looking, tired of being treated like an addict, tired of being treated like a curiosity and nothing more, not a human being with a serious health issue that deserves to be treated.

“I am completely devastated for myself and my family, for Dr. Tennant and Miriam, for his patients and their families, and for all those who could have benefited from his continued breakthrough treatments and research,” said Denise Molohon, another Tennant patient with lives with arachnoiditis, in an email.

“But I am most deeply saddened today for the entire chronic pain community – both patients and providers – for the tsunami of injustices perpetrated by DOJ/DEA and CDC in their cruelty, ignorance and haste to appear as though they are fighting the opioid overdose epidemic by ruining the lives of many innocent physicians. Their combined actions have had the tragic result of harming untold millions and leading to the senseless, needless deaths of patients all across our country whose only fault was suffering from horrific, intractable pain.”

“The government has stepped in and stopped doctors from treating patients. They have created a hostile work environment for physicians who refuse to conform. Physicians who refuse to let their patients suffer. Addiction is a huge problem but so is intractable pain, yet those of us who play by the rules are the ones who suffer,” said Kate Lamport, a Tennant patient who has arachnoiditis.

“Dr. Tennant and Mrs. Tennant have been a Godsend to all whom have crossed their paths and will never be forgotten by the thousands of lives they have touched and saved. Our blood is not on their hands, it is on the hands of those who have taken Dr. Tennant and every other doctor from us by way of fear.”

“Forest and Miriam treated me like a son as they did all their family, their patients. They did their best to take care of us,” added Snook. “How could any doctor do so and pay $1,000 an hour in legal fees just to defend himself from false charges from the DEA?”

Tennant is referring all of his patients to new doctors, but in an age when many physicians are afraid of prescribing opioids, its unlikely they’ll find similar care elsewhere.  Tennant has operated his pain clinic basically as a charity for years and charged patients little, if anything. He and his wife live modestly, and drive cars that are nearly 30 years old.

“They (the DEA) think my clinic has been operated to make a great deal of money. Some years it loses money. The last two years, it actually lost money. We subsidize it,” Tennant explained.

‘Highly Suspicious’ Prescribing

One medical professional who has been critical of Tennant’s prescribing practices is Dr. Timothy Munzing, a Kaiser Permanente family practice physician who was hired by the DEA to review Tennant’s prescriptions.

Munzing was quoted in a DEA search warrant saying it was suspicious that “many patients are traveling long distances to see Dr. Tennant” and that they were prescribed “extremely high numbers of pills/tablets.”

“I find to a high level of certainty that after review of the medical records… that Dr. Tennant failed to meet the requirements in prescribing these dangerous medications. These prescribing patterns are highly suspicious for medication abuse/and or diversion,” Munzing wrote.

Munzing has worked for several years as a consultant for the DEA and the Medical Board of California, creating a lucrative second career for himself.

 dr. timothy munzing timothy munzing

According to GovTribe, a website that tracks payments to federal contractors, Munzing is paid $300 an hour by the DEA. In the past few months, Munzing has been paid over $250,000 by the DEA to review patient records and testify as an expert witness in DEA cases.

The agency recently created a task force to focus on doctors like Tennant who prescribe high doses of opioids. The task force appears focused solely on the dose and number of prescriptions, not on the quality of life of patients or whether they’ve been harmed.  

After three years of investigation, the DEA has not publicly produced evidence that any of Tennant’s patients have overdosed, been harmed by his treatments, or that they are selling their drugs.

Tennant says he and his wife plan to retire to their home state of Kansas, where they have real estate investments. Once out of the picture, he hopes the medical profession and law enforcement will someday come to a sensible approach about how to deal with patients who need high doses of opioids.

“I have learned that my personality and my image is such that I think its prohibiting a good debate and discussion as to how the country is going to deal with people with really severe pain,” he said.


That’s one way to get rid of the “pot heads” !


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According to various prophecies, predictions, and other various researchers, the above picture may represent the coming changes to our geological formations, i.e., many States will be eliminated or at least partially eliminated by rising waters.  Take note of the States which are depicted as being under water in this screen shot of a video on the subject by Dahboo777 on Youtube which I encourage you to listen to.

The States appear to be Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, half of Colorado, Michigan, Louisiana,  parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and parts of the entire eastern Coastline.

Now, look below at the Map of Legal Cannabis States via Norml;


They are; Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan,Ohio, and 14 States on the East Coast.

Scallion believed that a pole shift would stem from global warming, nuclear activity, and the misuse of technology. Another theorist and psychic Edgar Cayce predicted a 16 to 20 degree shift, while Scallion predicted a 20-45 degree shift. Cayce predicted that when both Mt. Etna volcano in Italy and Mt. Pelee in Martinique erupt together, there will be approximately 90 days to evacuate the west coast before the massive flood claims the coastline.  LINK

Dahboo777 asks the question,

Are The Elite Preparing for a Cataclysmic Event?

If that “event” were to happen soon, where would you want to be living?  Legal State or “safe zone” ???

I find it odd that the States that have became “legalized” happen to be in the majority of the areas which are believed to be in the biggest “danger zone”…

Expect the unexpected…

It’s just a thought…


Is home delivery for medical marijuana coming to Kentucky?


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Lisa Bernard-Kuhn  8:00 AM, Mar 16, 2018

CINCINNATI – As Ohio’s medical marijuana program begins to take shape, Kentucky lawmakers are crafting their own plans legalize the drug in the Bluegrass state.

A bill introduced earlier this year would allow Kentuckians with certain medical conditions who receive a medical order from a doctor to legally use the cannabis in multiple forms.

If passed, Kentucky would be the 30th state to pass laws legalizing cannabis in some form.

Like Ohio’s newly passed program, the measure would prohibit Kentuckians from smoking medical cannabis. Vaping and the use of cannabis-based tinctures, oils and edibles would be allowed. So would home deliveries of medical cannabis — a detail not included in Ohio’s program.

As lawmakers continue to consider the measure in Frankfort, here’s a breakdown of key facts to know about the proposal:

Can Kentuckians grow their own medical marijuana?

Originally, the bill allowed qualified patients to have up to 12 mature cannabis plants and 12 seedlings in a locked, closed facility. But that piece of the plan drew opposition from lawmakers and law enforcement. Lawmakers are expected to unveil a reworked version of the bill this month that either scales back the number of plants or removes home grow options altogether.

Home delivery for medical marijuana?

Under the proposal, qualifying patients could receive up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana delivered to their home from a “compassion center.” That’s the term used in the bill to describe any licensed business that “acquires, possesses, manufactures, delivers, transfers, transports, sells, supplies, or dispenses medical cannabis, usable medical cannabis, or related supplies and educational materials” to patients.

What medical conditions would the program cover?

Patients who have one of nearly 40 conditions and diseases would be allowed to use medical marijuana, under the bill’s original form.

The include: A terminal illness, peripheral neuropathy, anorexia, cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, lupus, muscular dystrophy, post-traumatic stress disorder, diabetes, sleep-wake disorders, fibromyalgia, autism, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, Tourette syndrome, movement disorder, porphyria, neurodevelopmental disorders, feeding and eating disorders, cognitive disorders and irritable bowel syndrome.

Also, the drug could be used to treat: chronic or debilitating diseases or medical conditions that produces one (1) or more of the following: cachexia or wasting syndrome; severe, debilitating pain; severe nausea; seizures; or severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.

As the measure has been debated, some lawmakers have argued that the list is too expansive. Ohio’s program includes 26 conditions.

Who supports the plan?

Among the biggest supporters is Kentucky’s Secretary of State Alison Grimes. In late 2017 she formed a task force to explore legislative options.


FOUND GUILTY, BY JURY, of “possession of pot – that I was not in possession of…” Thorne Peters


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In the continuing saga of Cannabis prohibition comes Thorne Peters who was convicted by a Jury of his “peers” on March 1, 2018, in Shelby County Tennessee under Judge Robert Carter Jr.  He is scheduled to be sentenced on April 3, 2018. 

We will continue following this case to the finale because, I agree with Thorne Peters, in that:

There is no “MENS REA” for a POT bust!

Please view the video’s and information below!


Thorne Peters

THE SPECTER OF THE GUN was used to take THE TRIAL OF THE MILLENNIUM next level by labeling me a CRIMINAL who committed no crime and a VIOLENT OFFENDER who committed no act of violence according to the evidence and testimony. NO MENS REA is now “A FORTIORI”. As I will have some years to spend in prison, pending a multitude of appeals, I will find fellow prisoners who also have no name of a victim on their affidavit and unleash them upon the system.

For those of you who are speaking up for “THE NO MENS REA WAY” to FREE humanity from PROHIBITION by LEGISLATION, you must understand how The Ministerz of Justice used the guns in the commission of a crime to present guns to the jury that were not in my house, not in my possession, not used in the commission of a crime and were thrown out in Pre-Trial, so they would not have to face the POT case unarmed.

Those of you facing PROHIBITION charges, who are not a target of your local Ministerz of Injustice, who have no guns to be tainted with, will follow the law to proceed PRO SE with the lawful offensive of NO MENS REA and the HUMAN RIGHTS declaration of “I AM THE LAW” in the name of THE KINGPIN Thorne Peters!

Any other position is unlawful; a crime against humanity . . .



Image may contain: 1 person, text

DANX for sharing with “THE FREEDOMfund” … I will be sentenced to 12 years in prison on April 3, 2018, with a projected release date of 10/2021, so I need your support to keep my home fires burning; I need to make phone calls to continue being heard LIVE daily on the phone to share the message of FREEDOM with those being oppressed; I need to take care of Lady L, so she is not in the dark in da hood and maybe some of our puppiez . . . I’d love to see them again in life. So, jump in and make a difference in my life as I go down fighting for our FREEDOM from PROHIBITION, even from behind the prison walls. “I AM THE LAW!” #NOMENSREA .

Image may contain: 1 person, text



The “Trial of the Millennium” has been sent to the jury.

Memphis Mayoral Candidate & Pot Advocate Convicted On Drugs & Weapons Charges

Pot activist Thorne Peters found guilty of marijuana possession

March 7, 2018 Today In Frankfort; Praying for HB 166 !


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Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and text

As I sat here patiently waiting for the Kentucky Legislature to take a vote on HB 166, I was thinking of a way to say,


to ALL of the people who took a stand this year in Kentucky!

No automatic alt text available.

Jaime Montalvo   Justin Lewandoski   Eric Michelle Crawford   Pat Dunegan   Jennifer Dunegan   Dan Seum   Sally Oh   Dan Malano Seum   Tony Ashley   Elihu Shepherd   Tim Simpson   Henry Fox   Gina Daugherty   Chad Wilson    Thomas Tony Vance    Rebecca Collins   Blackii Effing Whyte 

There are many more which have not been listed here! 

Remembering also those that have in past years took up this fight and were the leaders from the beginning!

No automatic alt text available.

Gatewood Galbraith – Wikipedia   Galbraith supported the legalization of recreational marijuana use, arguing that the framers of the US Constitution “did not say we have a Constitutional right to possess alcohol. They said we have a Constitutional right to privacy in our homes, under which fits the possession of an extremely poisonous alcohol. Now this is the law in Kentucky today. In fact, it is these rulings that keep the Kentucky State Police from kicking down the doors of people possessing alcohol in Kentucky’s 77 ‘dry’ counties right now and hauling their butts off to jail. Now Marijuana is a demonstrably less harmful substance than alcohol and presents far less of threat to public welfare. So it also fits in a person’s right to privacy in their home. It’s beyond the police power of the state as long as I don’t sell it and it’s for my own personal use.”[10]

Craig Lee   Tony Adkins  Ron Moore  David Weigand   Angela Gatewood   Erin Grossman Vu  Robin Rider-Osborne   Paula Willett  Cher Ford-mccullough Brian McCullough  Mary Thomas-Spears  Lynne Wilson  Roland A. Duby   Hugh Yonn  Patrick Moore  

Again, I have missed so many names that should be listed here! 

Many people put their own lives on hold to take on Kentucky’s Cannabis battle, whether it be for medicinal, recreational or even palliative care, they all took a stand…and walked all the way to Frankfort to prove it.    Not literally, of course.  I hope they all had a decent ride to get there but surely there were a few old broken down cars in the parking lot as well.  But by the time they all left there yesterday evening it felt as though they had  literally walked those miles.

All different types of people working toward one cause – to get some kind of Cannabis reform into Kentucky!

At the end of the day, the vote for HB 166 was passed over!  A very disappointing outcome for many thousands of Kentuckians who very much needed that Bill to pass! 

How is it possible that legislation so favored by the citizens has not already become law? What is it about this legislation that has Kentucky’s legislators so scared that they are willing to buck the will of the majority of the citizens?
I am of course talking about the legalization of cannabis for medical uses. With 80% favorability and a multitude of benefits arising from the use of cannabis it is confounding to see the Assembly leadership refuse the will of the people and bury all cannabis bills in committee. For what purpose are they doing this?  LINK

When I first started posting to blogs about medical cannabis or “repeal prohibition” it was 2003.  That was 15 years ago.  By the time I became affiliated with the USMjParty it was 2005 and 2010 before I really became involved in any administration of the group.  I always fought for the repeal of prohibition as a whole, but most importantly for Cannabis because yes, I believe Cannabis is a medicine, but first it has to be recognized as a food or ‘herb’ that cannot be controlled by the U.N. or any Government entity!  It is our unalienable right to grow and use the plants that our “Creator” put here on this planet for us! Only commerce can be controlled by our Government, according to the Constitution.  Therefore what we grow on our property or consume in our homes is actually none of the Government’s business!  But they MADE it their business – a long time ago. 

To understand how they accomplished this takeover, you can read the “Elkhorn Manifesto” through this link.  That was the beginning of the downfall of the United States as we see it today.  The U.N. which was formed in 1945 with five founding members including the United States was the beginning of the NWO as we know it today.  The ONDCP and the 1961 Narcotic Convention as well as the 1970 Controlled Substance Act and the DEA instituted by Nixon, as a requirement of the 1970 CSA, as per the U.N., conveniently wrapped up our lives under the control of the NWO.  I wrote about this a couple of years ago and it has a lot of interesting links of information it that article.

The U.N. just issued a statement reminding all signatory Countries to be mindful of their “Treaties” regarding Marijuana.

Be mindful of the fact that it is not just Marijuana that they seek to control.  Control the food and medicine and you will control the people.

We are just now seeing how one world Government will work.  It is reaching into all facets of our lives, some not noticeable yet to the average person, not just whether or not Marijuana is “legal”. 

All of these things together, coupled with the fact that our Legislature has their own agenda for Kentucky influences the outcome of any Cannabis legislation being passed here. 

We still have a couple weeks to see what the outcome will be for the Citizens of Kentucky.  Will the hard work by our dedicated Activists pay off for the Patients who are in such need in our State?  We can only continue to pray and also continue calling


and make sure your voice is heard!

As well, K.C.F.C. and others are gathering in Frankfort to show support.  You can follow them at this LINK.

There is a VERY good article documenting all of the Cannabis Bills in Kentucky this year at Kentucky Free Press.  If you haven’t already done so I encourage you to look at it.

Sally Oh,  who writes for Kentucky Free Press, was LIVE on Facebook on February 25th, explaining Medical Cannabis, States’ Rights & the Civil War  and I encourage you to view that video as well.

Sally Oh KY Free Press

Again, I want to thank everyone that has made an effort of any kind in Kentucky toward the repeal of Cannabis prohibition!  We all basically want the same thing – our patients to be taken care of and the freedom to possess, grow and consume a plant that our Creator blessed us with!

God Bless!


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The East Mississippi Correctional Facility Is ‘Hell on Earth’


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By Carl Takei, Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU’s Trone Center for Justice and Equality

March 5, 2018

E. Mississippi Correctional Fire

At the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, where Mississippi sends some of the most seriously mentally ill people in the state prison system, even the most troubled patients are routinely ignored and the worst cases of self-harm are treated with certain neglect. The conditions at EMCF have cost some prisoners their limbs, their eyesight, and even their lives.

In 2013, the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and prisoner rights attorney Elizabeth Alexander filed a class-action complaint on behalf of all the prisoners held at EMCF. As the case heated up, the law firm of Covington & Burling LLP joined as co-counsel, providing major staffing and support. Despite years of attempts by Mississippi to derail the lawsuit before our clients even saw the inside of the courtroom, the case will finally proceed to trial Monday.

The lawsuit against EMCF describes horrific conditions at the facility: rampant violence, including by staff against prisoners; solitary confinement used to excess, with particular harm to prisoners with mental illnesses; and filthy cells and showers that lack functional toilets or lights. It also sheds light on a dysfunctional medical and mental healthcare delivery system that puts patients at risk of serious injury and has contributed to deaths in custody.

Nowhere was this institutionalized neglect more clear than in the life, and death, of T.H., a patient at EMCF with a history of severe mental illness and self-harm. On Jan. 31, 2016, T.H. stuck glass into his arm. Instead of sending him to the emergency room, a nurse merely cleaned the wound with soap and water. The following day, he broke a light bulb and inserted the shards into his arm. This time he required eight stitches.

Less than two weeks later, he cut himself with a blade hidden in his cell and then tried to hang himself. It was only later that month, after he reopened his arm wound with more glass, that mental health staff finally placed him on special psychiatric observation status.

Yet, because he wasn’t properly monitored, T.H.’s series of self-injury continued unabated until April 4, 2016. Early that afternoon, he stuck his arm, dripping in blood, through a slot in his cell door and asked to see the warden. A lieutenant saw T.H.’s bloodied arm, but, rather than call for emergency assistance, simply left the area. Two hours later, T.H. was observed unresponsive on the floor of his cell.

E. Mississippi Correctional Blood on the Door

In response, the prison warden opted to call for a K-9 team to enter the cell with dogs before letting medical professionals examine the patient. By then it was too late — T.H. was dead, having strangled himself with materials from inside his cell. He never once had a proper suicide risk assessment or any treatment to address his self-harm.

The lackadaisical and unconstitutional approach that EMCF staff takes toward prisoner healthcare cost T.H. his life and has caused well-documented suffering among countless other mentally ill prisoners. And it all happens in the context of a prison rife with violence, where security staff often react with excessive force to mental health crises and allow prison gangs to control access to necessities of life, including at times food.

The Constitution requires that if the state takes someone into custody, it must also take on the responsibility of providing treatment for their serious medical and mental health needs. This means, among other measures, hiring qualified medical staff to provide necessary care for people with mental health disorders, creating systems for access to care so sick patients can see a mental health or medical clinician, and making sure that medical care is provided without security staff impeding it.

The ACLU and our co-counsel are fighting to ensure that such care is available at EMCF, where the state of Mississippi has continued to lock some of the most vulnerable prisoners in dangerous and filthy conditions and deny them access to constitutionally required mental health and medical care.

I witnessed those conditions firsthand when I visited EMCF in January 2011 with fellow ACLU attorney Gabriel Eber and two medical and mental health experts. At that time, we were horrified to discover that Mississippi’s designated mental health prison was closer to a vision of hell on earth than a therapeutic treatment facility.

When I walked into one of the solitary confinement units, the entire place reeked of smoke from recent fires. I tried to speak to patients about their experiences, but I could barely hear them over the sounds of others moaning and screaming while they slammed their hands into metal cell doors.

Despite repeated warnings from nationally renowned experts brought in to assess conditions at the prisons, a meeting with top Mississippi Department of Corrections officials, and an offer by the ACLU to help MDOC pay to diagnose and fix the problems at EMCF, Mississippi officials permitted these conditions to continue unabated. Rather than take responsibility for fixing this prison, these officials merely switched contractors. In 2012, they swapped out private prison giant GEO Group, Inc. and replaced them with another private prison company, Management & Training Corp., which is perhaps best known for its horrific record of abusing and neglecting immigrant detainees. The state has also switched prison medical contractors multiple times, with little improvement from one to the next.

But the nightmare might soon be over. Over seven years since we first visited the cesspool that is EMCF, our clients will be allowed in court for the first time, asking that their constitutional rights finally be recognized. That recognition won’t undo the great harms they’ve suffered. But by fulfilling the Constitution’s promise of protection, we can stop new harms and horrors at EMCF, of which there have been too many for too long.


Facebook announces latest step in censorship campaign, prioritizing “local news”


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by Will Morrow (WSWS repost)

Tuesday Feb 6th, 2018 9:09 AM

Facebook’s latest step aimed at censoring online information.

6 February 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced January 29 that the social media platform will prioritize news from “local sources” in the News Feed displayed to users. The announcement is the third in a creeping roll-out of updates announced by Facebook since the start of the year aimed at censoring online information.

On January 12, Facebook reported that it would deprioritize news and political content—that is, display them less often…

—in favor of “personal moments.” One week later, Zuckerberg announced that of the news articles that are shown to users, the News Feed will prioritize those published by what it called “trustworthy” sources, meaning pro-establishment outlets such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Zuckerberg’s post announcing the most recent change made little effort to conceal its political motivation. It would serve to “turn down the temperature on the more divisive issues and instead focus on concrete local issues,” he wrote, so that the population can “all make progress together.”

Presumably this means more information about school bake sales and sporting events, and less about the Trump administration, the global crisis of capitalism, and the growing danger of world war.

Zuckerberg apparently regrets the great technological advance that created the “World Wide Web” and made it possible for people on every continent to communicate with each other rapidly and without corporate and government censors controlling what they say. He prefers the posture of the ostrich with its head stuck firmly in the ground.

The post is filled with the Orwellian newspeak used to describe all of Facebook’s censorship measures. Walling users off from being able to read about events outside their immediate vicinity will help “build community—both on and offline,” and ensure that Facebook “isn’t just fun but also good for your well-being and for society.”

The Facebook billionaire does not want people to have access to unfiltered information on such questions as the United States government preparation to wage nuclear war against North Korea, Russia and China, government censorship of the Internet and spying on the population, mass demonstrations against immigration raids, police violence, workers strikes, or details about growing levels of social inequality, including the fact that five multi-billionaires (Zuckerberg is one) own as much wealth as half the world’s population.

While the change will initially apply to US Facebook accounts, Zuckerberg states that the “goal is to expand to more countries this year.” Pointing to further censorship announcements still to come, Zuckerberg concludes with the note that he is “looking forward to sharing more updates soon.”

There are more than 2 billion Facebook users around the world, the majority of whom access news via the social media platform. Approximately 45 percent of the American population, or 145 million people, access the news on Facebook—the highest news readership rate of any social media platform—according to a Pew Research Center study from November 2017.

Millions of people turned to independent and alternative news publications via social media precisely because it provided a means to circumvent the establishment media, which have become popularly and correctly identified as pro-government propaganda outlets. According to a 2016 Pew Research poll, the American population’s trust in the media had fallen to 32 percent in that year, the lowest level on record.

By confining users to “local news,” the social media giants are seeking to wind back the clock to the days when the population had access to the news mainly through local newspapers, and could find about world events only through the officially sanctioned corporate press.

Zuckerberg’s announcement explains that publishers will be promoted according to how many users in a “tight geographical area” click on links to their articles. This means of surfacing content explicitly demotes web sites which by their nature are oriented to a national or international readership, such as the World Socialist Web Site (WSWS), which is directed to the world working class.

It also enforces the monopoly of giant media conglomerates, which own the vast majority of smaller, localised publications. The concentration of newspaper ownership has developed enormously over the past two decades, via an ongoing process of mergers and acquisitions. According to, a handful of top private media corporations collectively owned 1,449 newspapers in 2014, up from 1,128 just 10 years earlier. Many more local newspapers have simply closed their doors.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it was testing a new section of its mobile phone app called “Today in,” which will include only local news, events and announcements. The test is being conducted in only six US cities so far. All news publishers who appear there must first be approved and vetted by Facebook’s News Partnerships team.

Facebook’s latest announcement also coincided with Google’s January 26 restricted release of a new smartphone app, Bulletin, to promote what Google calls “hyperlocal” news, which it defines as news “about your community, for your community.”

The application will allow users to publish stories directly to the web through Google, without the need to create their own blog, web page, or use social media. What this will mean in practise is that Google will have even more direct control over the hosting of independent news content not vetted by the state-sanctioned, corporate-controlled media outlets.

Google is already engaged in systematically blacklisting socialist and left-wing news publications, particularly the WSWS, by rigging results from its search engine to block links to specified web domains. This change was initiated by Google in April 2017 under the banner of combating “fake news” and promoting what it called “authoritative” content.

The purpose of the ongoing changes was made clear in a post by Zuckerberg on Wednesday accompanying the company’s latest earnings report. The report showed that Facebook use actually declined for the first time over the past year, a fact that Zuckerberg welcomes in his post. Zuckerberg states that Facebook is taking action to demote “viral videos,” because such material—which includes videos of police violence and war crimes—is not “good for people’s well-being and society.” This argument complements the McCarthyite campaign being waged by the Democratic Party, intelligence agencies and technology companies, labelling all political opposition in the United States as the outcome of Russian influence and “fake news” promoted by the Kremlin.

The post further notes that Facebook is using artificial intelligence to closely monitor every photo, video, message and post on the platform, to “understand all the content on Facebook,” in what amounts to surveillance on billions of people. (See: “From Facebook to Policebook”)

The avalanche of new measures for mass political censorship and surveillance, now being released on a weekly and even daily basis, testifies to the correctness and urgency of the World Socialist Web Site ’s open letter to socialist, left-wing and anti-war organizations, individuals and web sites, “For an International Coalition against Internet Censorship.” We urge our readers to read and widely share the letter and to take up this fight.…


Smart Meters and the End of Choice and Free Speech


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Bruce Cain·Sunday, January 7, 2018

I live in South East Michigan about 20 miles south of Detroit. About a week ago (12/28/2017) I got a knock on my door. Outside was a woman from DTE with a smart meter in her hands. “I’ve come to install your smart meter.” DTE provides both my gas and electricity.

I told her “no thanks” and explained that I have both health and privacy concerns with these meters that I have been refusing for about a year now. It appears they want to replace both my gas meter and my electrical meter. Now my wife has fibromyalgia which can be effected by the radiation from these smart meters. And the electrical smart meter is located just outside the house and just a few feet from the kitchen sink where my wife spends considerable time cooking. It is also directly below our bedroom where we obviously sleep each night.

“Oh but you don’t have to have a smart meter. You can get a new digital meter instead that does not emit radiation.”

Yeah I could do that and pay $10 additional each month to have someone come out and read it . . . after paying an initial $80 fee on top of that. And I’m wondering if that will be $20 each month since I have both a gas and electrical meter through DTE.

For the last year I have emailed my readings to DTE each month and I would be happy to send them an occasional picture of the meters, as attachments, if they don’t fully trust my ability to read the meters or report honestly. With a customer base of millions I always wondered why they didn’t simply set up a Active Server Page for customers to report their readings. It would save the costly step of having a DTE employee open thousands of emails and then transpose the readings into their database. I worked decades as a Systems Analyst and know very well that this would save millions of dollars for DTE.

But it is obvious that DTE is not interested in doing this as the want to nudge everyone into having a smart meter. And now that they have installed these meters on 90% of their customer base they are now coming after us “holdouts.” I have already read a few articles where they have actually cut off a customers gas/electricity in order to force compliance. And yes I am very concerned that DTE will force me into submission by eventually shutting off my gas and electricity.

For those that don’t understand the health and privacy concerns of smart meters please read through the following links:

Smart Meter Harm

The Smart Meter Education Network

The Smart Meters are actually just the beginning. By 2020 they are going to roll out 5G technologies that have even more negative implications for your health and privacy. And all of this is being rolled out across the entire US. You can read about the dangers of 5G technology here:

5th Generation Wireless (5G): The Internet of all Things and the Control of all People BRUCE CAIN·WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2017

In any case the people of most advanced nations are being “nudged” in many ways toward compliance. And more and more, when nudging doesn’t work there is also shoving. So in the case of Smart Meters the additional monthly $10 fee will be seen as a nudge. And once compliance gets around 90% the other 10% will be brought into compliance with a shove: they will eventually shut off your electricity.

The term “nudge” comes from a book by globalist Cass Sunstein who worked for the Office of Information and Regulatory affairs for another globalist: Barrack Obama (2009 – 2012). Globalists, such as Sunstein, really do believe that American Citizens are too stupid to make informed decisions as will be made clear from the following links:

Cass Sunstein From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nudge (book) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In my view both Obama and Sunstein — as well as many of our past presidents — have embraced globalism. And one of the best templates for understanding globalism is to study the UN’s Agenda21 and Agenda 2030. It is also interesting to see that both smart meters and smart grids (e.g., 5G Wireless Internet) are very much a part of the UN’s globalist agenda. So when your local utility forces you to accept a smart meter this is not just some local program being foisted upon you by you local utility. Those at the top of these utilities must understand that they are really putting in place is the infrastructure for a global government. Once in place the smart grid, smart meters and 5G technologies will be able to literally see what you are doing in the privacy of your home.

===== After considerable review, SkyVision Solutions has concluded that the implementation of a smart grid system (as currently envisioned) is supportive of the objectives of United Nations Agenda 21 and what is called “Sustainable Development.” Sustainable Development is sometimes referred to as “Sustainability” and may also be abbreviated as SD21. In fact, in the table shown below which was extracted from a United Nations document dated May 2012, specific references to smart metering and smart grids are mentioned as part of the course necessary to achieve a “culture of sustainability.”

Sustainable Development =====

The bottom line is smart meters provide no benefit to the consumer and actually impose a cost because the cost of transferring to smart meters requires considerable manpower and other costs. The consumer will be forced to absorb those costs as well as suffer both negative health effects and loss of privacy. But it does not end there. Analog meters are read once a month. Smart Meters take a reading every second. The most likely use of this “second by second reading” will be to impose higher energy costs at peak hours of the day. Without smart metering this is not possible.

So before leaving the subject of smart meters I want to implant this greater epiphany in your head. If you have a smart meter or are being hassled to accept a smart meter — what you are really seeing is the implementation of a globalist infrastructure that will soon be used to monitor and control you. It goes way beyond some silly program being implemented by your local utility. Smart Meters, Smart Grids and 5G technology are also being rolled out in the EU, in Canada and throughout the US.

So we have established that smart meters are to be the infrastructure of the coming Global Government as envisioned by the UN. So what are some of their other goals you might ask?

* They want to take away you gun rights.

* They have long held conventions against the legalization of Cannabis (e.g., Marijuana).

* They want to bring in hordes of Muslim Terrorists and low skilled workers through a program of “Open Borders” which is currently destroying the cultural identity of England, France the US, Sweden etc.

* They want to force you to accept vaccinations.

These are just a few things that come to mind. But what must also be made clear is that it is not just the UN that is behind globalization. Many of those in our government bureaucracies support globalism. Most of the Fortune 500 companies support globalism. Many NGO’s support globalism. I have often described this as an invisible pyramid where the power lies at the top and the commands are pushed down through this spider web of organizations whose influence is eventually felt in our local communities. And unless you have studied this it all does appear invisible to the average citizen. Even within the Anti Smart Meter Movement I doubt there are many that understand the global implication that these meters represent.

Concluding remarks:

The invisible war in which we find ourselves is being waged between Individualists and Collectivists. Both increasing hierarchy and technological advance both tend to push us further toward Collectivism. Globalism can be seen as the most evolved form of Collectivism and these are the people most offended by Trump’s election to POTUS. I may have my problems with Trump but I think our lucky stars that Hillary did not win as she is a major flexion among the globalists.

Individualism is dying on the vine and will require a New Enlightenment in order to survive. This, by the way, is why I have always advocated for home grows to supply the dispensaries across this once great nation. I’ve always thought it better to keep thriving economies at the local level. Read “Small is Beautiful” to better understand the concept of small cottage industry and how it makes things better for all of us.

What we are seeing in the last several years is what I would call “the end of choice” as well as an end to free speech.

* Get a vaccine or you loose your job.

* Stop smoking cigarettes or we will double your health insurance premiums . . . but we won’t do anything to make cigarettes safer by removing the toxic ingredients

* Eat more GMO foods which are banned in most of Europe because of negative health impacts.

* Get a smart meter or we turn off you gas/electricity

* Accept 5G technology — even though it has both health and privacy implications that are far from acceptable.

* Oh you smoke Cannabis? Well then no gun for you.

* Soon all you will be able to buy is a smart TV that can be used to spy on you in your bedroom or anywhere you have a TV.

* In many nations (the EU, Canada, the US) criticizing the Islamic Ideology is being criminalized in what are modern day blasphemy laws. In 2017 Canada imposed M-103 that does exactly that.

I predict that the activism, pushing back against this nudging toward “no choice – just comply” may well be a significant issue as the, hopefully peaceful, 2nd American rEvolution begins to build. It is coming. Everyone needs to get involved.

Otherwise prepare your children and grandchildren to become slaves in the building Global Technocratic State. Think of it as a new form of slavery. Don’t allow your kids to endure this bullshit. Just saying.

Rise Up!

Carpe Diem!

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